Looking for core raiders 10-man



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    Looking for core raiders 10-man

    Post  Fnor on Sun Nov 29, 2009 2:32 am

    We are getting a core group together for 10-man raids ToC Ony and VoA.

    We plan to raid Sat and Sun nights from 7pm-11pm

    If you are interested post you char's information:

    Char name
    Main spec (with avg DPS, healing spell power, or health depending on spec)
    Off spec (if raid geared)
    Wow heroes gear score
    What raids you have done ToC, Ony, VoA
    What days and times you can raid

    Repeat infor for any alts you wold like to raid on

    Thank you


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    Re: Looking for core raiders 10-man

    Post  Wadewilson on Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:34 pm

    about 4k dps
    Wow Heroes score: 2419
    done Ony10/25, Voa10/25

    days I can raid on:
    pretty much every evening except friday night. Some Saturdays I do go out. I like to pretend to have a social life, but it is usually just once a month because Im too tired to move from work/school lol Sad


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    Post  Zilva on Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:56 am

    36k HP, Protection
    2432 Wow-heroes score
    Have done ONY/ToC/VoA 10/25m, and ToGC 10m
    Monday-Friday: 10pm-1am
    Saturday: 10pm-3am
    Sunday: 3pm-8pm


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    re: looking for core raiders

    Post  Szkoti on Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:57 pm

    Szkoti, Defender of the brave, Healer of noobs
    Resto Shaman (about 2.3k SP self-buffed, 21k mana)
    Gear score around 2300-ish, but don't quote me as I am at school and they block wow-heroes.
    I have done 10-Ony several times, 25-Ony a few times (I once solo healed a 25-ony phase 3 when the other healer died Very Happy), and I do 10/25 VoA all the time. I have also done the faction champs and northrend beasts from 10 ToC.
    Raiding weeknights is not good for me as I'm in gr 12 and have homeowork and shit to do. Friday 6pm-2am, Saturday 3pm-2am, and Sunday 3pm-10:30pm work for me.
    I also have extremely good bad luck on rolls, so if you want to win gear invite me.

    Alts: I have a hunter that does 3k dps unbuffed (4-5k buffed) named Kuggug. And I'm getting a warrior tank to 80, 68 right now.


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    Re: Looking for core raiders 10-man

    Post  Dendorean on Tue Dec 01, 2009 8:31 am

    I would love to be acore raider however, work is gonna be crazy till about the end of feb so I cant commit to anything atm. The best I could say is if you need me then dont hesitate to ask, but im not gonna sign up for anything that I dont know I can make.

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    Re: Looking for core raiders 10-man

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